Sunday, October 25, 2009

We are not a racist country, no matter what the Leftist say!

We are not a racist country nor should we be portrayed as one. We are a tolerant nation of hardworking people who once ruled the world, I personally, and i know that i am not alone when I say that our Grandfathers and Grandmothers did absolutely not lay down their lives for the sake of their country in order for the suit wearing CEO'S of today to throw away as they see fit. I never expected to be here writing this "blog" looking for support but it seems that not too many people are willing to see what support they can find.
I am sure that if you are continuing to read this then you must emphasize with the message i am trying to relay. The indigenous people of this country are being singled out as easy targets by our government and the support given to the non indigenous people of this country seem to be welcomed and just seems so wrong to me.
Now don’t get me wrong i believe in issues such as immigration but it must be managed, it must be controlled.

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