Monday, October 26, 2009

I'd Love To Interview Obama!

I wish the guy in the White House would give as much attention to our situation in Afghanistan as he does to Fox News. Those Guys and Gals who are fighting over there were only ten or eleven years old when 9/11 happened. They are trained to be killers and to fight, not to talk. That's Obama's job. So if it's talking that Obama wants, then get our kids the hell out of harms way first and then let him orate to his heart's content.
These libs and their blogs are a disgrace ot America. Talk about having your head in the sand....or someplace a lot worse. I for one would just love to interview Obama or at least supply the questions to him. The first question I'd ask Barack Obama is why he's hanging our troops out to dry and allowing the Taliban to regain control of Afghanistan after all the blood that's been shed already.
Then I'd ask him why he hasn't closed GITMO yet as he promised he's do by the first of the year. Of course that's impossible.
Next I'd ask him what the hell happened to his political capital visa-vie health care.
Then I'd ask him what the hell he's doing about unemployment. Actually, that would be the first question.
Then I'd get around to ACORN because Congress, the Census Bureau, Fox News and the IRS have already dealt with them. All I'd ask Obama about ACORN is what his ties are with them today.
My last question for you Mr. Obama is why don't you want anyone from the White House talking to Rush, O'Reilly, Hannity or Beck?
I think Chris Wallace would cover all of that in an hour. And talking about Chris Wallace, I loved what you wrote about Chris Mathews, that was great.
The real comedy here is the people on the left are ALWAYS attacking the messenger for rejecting Obama’s policies instead of attacking the message.

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