Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It Looks Like Obama Is Still Losing

President Obama is plunging in the polls, and his health-care plans face an iffy future on Capitol Hill. His supporters blame right-wing muscle. “I think it is very hard because Democrats don’t have the message machine the Republicans do.
Say what you will about the Repubs., but at least they have one foot on planet earth......Nothing the leftist 0bama believes in is rooted in reality and he has been gobsmacked by the majority of people in this nation who will not roll over for his textbook doctrinaire Marxist power grabs.


  1. The money the Republicans spent over their last few years in power was shameful, but it's nothing compared to what the Democrats are doing.

    What's up with the Message Machine. Obama is a walking talking message machine. All he knows is rhetoric.

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  3. Came by to see you tonight. Don't remember being here earlier. Must have been really late at night. Wonder what I posted that I erased............ghaaa I must be getting old.
    I certainly do not understand their message machine though. They have the press slobbering all over them. That we have talk radio is no secret, but no one wants to listen to them. They have tried over and over to get a successful radio show someplace and they fail every time, that is unless it is propped up by our taxes, NPR.

  4. Obama is still losing :)