Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sarah Palin is not only not running for re-election -- she's resigning.

Sarah Palin will resign her office in a few weeks, she said during a news conference at her Wasilla home Friday morning.
God Bless Sarah. Keep the Palin family in your prayers. If it's any consolation, politics has been dirty in our country since its inception. History is full of disgusting politicians angling for power. Now it is done 24/7 and you can add the media and entertainment industries to the mix. We have muddled along as a country for over two centuries, hopefully, we will continue to do so.
I doubt we've seen the last of Sarah. And I pray I'm right. But meanwhile, why should she continue to place herself before the mudlsingers and professional character assassins on a daily basis, like that sleaze ball David letterman.
Whether Governer Palin has decided to simply get out of politics and focus on her beautiful, NORMAL American family, or if she has a master plan that includes eventually running for a national office, I can live with either possibility.

I do hope, however, that Sarah will continue to rally true conservatives to keep up the fight against the Forces of Evil - the democrat party. And I dare anyone to try and convince me that today's democrat party is anything less than that - pure evil.

Godspeed, Sarah, in whatever you decide for your future.


  1. I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July.

  2. HI, I am Andrew 33 from KOOK's Manifesto. I co-host the blog there and just and to say thank you for joining us. In the past 3 months we have seen our membership skyrocket but that doesn't mean you are any less important than anyone else. Please feel free to lay your opinions out whether you agree or disagree with us, your opinion, is valuable and we will not mistreat you or disrespect you. We hope you will treat us similarly. Again, thank you!!!

  3. By the way, REagan did a similar move stepping down as governor of Cali as the republican party was in disarray and Reagan spent the better part of e year assembling the conservative coalition. Palin is following in Reagan's footsteps and corrupt Republicans and Democrats beware!!!