Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Republicans don't believe Sotomayor's stories and neither do I

Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee are convinced that Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor has not been candid with them in under-oath testimony about her speeches and legal activism. But given the assurance that majority Democrats will vote to confirm Sotomayor no matter what, the GOP effort against her is largely an attempt to convince other Republicans
Taking an oath only means something if you have morals and honor and believe in the God that you are taking the oath to.
This woman is symbolic of all the idiocy being rammed through congress right now.She's a left wing activist Trojan Horse.
She is a Demon-rat, so clearly she does not have morals, honor or a belief in any god except Obama.

So she can lie, lie, lie all she wants. She knows all she has to do is survive and she has the job for life and can fule with all the bias and prejudice that her ''wise'' hispanic female tiny little brain wants to...

Sotomanure would stand on her head with panty-hose flying, cross her eyes, and chatter like a monkey to get confirmed. What makes any conscious person think she wouldn't lie for the job.
The Republicans don't believe Sotomayor? Heck, not even Leahy believes what she said. She can't quote herself, so she doesn't believe herself either, and neither do I!
Liar, Liar, Pants On (Fire Fighter)


  1. I shrug over the Sotomayor thing, knowing that Obama will appoint a leftist to the court no matter what the nominee says in the hearings.

    I just try to look for a silver lining at times, like the case where Sotomayor enraged the ACLU and atheists by ruling to allow someone to put a menora in a holiday display.

  2. Julie I agree. Sotomayor just has to play the game and get a party line vote and she is in with the Supremes. But at least a party line vote will show that the only unity in the left is among the Frankenocrats.

  3. Close one eye and look at her really quick; it's Natalie from The Facts of Life!

  4. Just what we openly racist Supreme Court justice.

  5. What a national embarrassment this woman is. She's a perfect argument against affirmative action.