Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Letter To Sarah Palin

Dear Governor Palin, You're blowing it. We haven't met, but you might remember I was one of the first columnists to tout you for John McCain's running mate. I cheered you mightily when Senator McCain selected you, not anymore. Oh, you're still taking flak, but not because you strike fear in the hearts of Democrats. You're taking flak because you're striking fear in the hearts of Republicans. For Democrats, fairly or not, you've become

I have been reading about Sarah Palin but not much about what she is saying, except in negative press coverage of course. Therefore it seems that she needs a press agent to release official statements from her frequently that are well thought out and analyzed by others before their release but must STILL be timely. Sarah Palin is loved by hundreds of thousands, hated by the Dems and the media, and criticized by her own party and those who should be her allies. Go figure. The only saving grace is that she isn't the first compelling conservative figure to be trampled on by those presumed to be her own kind. Remarkable turn of events, and for what? Go Sarah!
It's harder for the press whores to mangle such statements.
How any woman can be so strong when her little children are being savaged in the press is beyond me but she's doing it - what a woman!!!


  1. I've been thinking the same thing, Julie..And congratulations on your new blog!
    It's like we love Sarah for being herself but wish that self was slightly more polished, though it pains me to say so. I like her roughness, her spontaneity, her honesty very much.
    I'll put myself aside, however, knowing I'd probably vote for her purely for her spirit and quick mind and love for this country and God...BUT, i'm not the person she needs to convince. She needs to convince centrists and some people I know don't find her message as difficult as her personna in some ways. I wish I could explain it better...
    maybe you get what I'm talking about.
    Anybody who has the GOP this scared and subtly slamming her must be either polling even better than we think OR she's going against the mainstream....GO, SARAH!

  2. Hi Julie and welcome to the blogosphere! I saw your comment on Susannah’s blog “Get the Big Idea.” She’s a sweetheart, to be sure.

    Sarah Palin, what can I say? I love her independence and determination, her girlie-girlie yet tomboy ways; reminds me of She has the love, adoration AND support of her husband and children. She has convictions and morals and lives by them. I admire that the MOST. She threatens both parties because she isn’t an elitist. She doesn’t play dirty politics like the Washington rat-pack and she would bring a breath of fresh air to Congress, not to mention, integrity. And goodness knows, the tricksters in Congress couldn’t have THAT, now could they!

    Have a wonderful 4th of July. Hope to see you around the sphere.

  3. Sarah Palin received the full brunt of every drop of vitriol and poison from the state-run media who despised her wholesome view of the world, of her success as a self-made person and when that was not enough, they attacked her children. My heart goes out to the Palin family for enduring it well and I think Sarah needs a rest for the time being. I'm proud of her for keeping her priorities straight.